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AP-C 400
Aggregation Module
AP-C 400 | Onelite Pharma

   Brief Description

The equipment allows aggregation of all the boxes included in a pack.

Aggregation Module AP-C 400.

This equipment allows aggregation of cases in bunches, wrapped in packs or grouped to be placed in boxes. It fulfils a one-step reading of many individual codes and prints the corresponding label for aggregation in the following logistical variable (be it box or pallet).

It is not necessary to do a previous recognition of inspection areas (finding DataMatrix codes in the image). It is enough to place the pack on the glass and press a button to take the picture and automatically identify the position and the content of each one of the cases for aggregation.

Endowed with a reading area of 400 mm long and 300 mm wide, the module has optimal dimensions and can be easily moved by hand. It has to be connected to the corresponding serialization machine, as it uses network communication. Optionally a handheld scanner can be connected to aggregate/disaggregate pallets.

It includes the ONELITE vision system to process production orders in aggregation stage, allowing the generation and import of serial numbers for grouping, in addition to:
  • Conducting queries.
  • Definitely deregistering of units.
  • Deregistering units for sample, specifying destination.
  • Registering again cases without tamper evident label, requiring manual application of it.
  • Disaggregating packs, boxes and pallets.
  • Definitely deregistering packs, boxes and pallets.
AP-C 400 Detalle
Integration with traceability systems.
AP-C 400 Detail
Aggregation of the complete pack in one step.

AP-C 400 Detail
Aggregation of units to the following logistical variables (box and pallet).

Technical Specifications.

  • Dimensions



    Estimated productivity

    Installed Power

    Inspection Area (mm)

    Admissible labels (mm)


  • 957 x 607 x 1695 mm (length x width x high)

    150 Kg

    220 V + ground / 50/60 Hz

    400 - 500 units/minute*

    0,5 KVA

    400 x 300

    Lenght: 12,5-500 - Width: 25-114

    Zebra ZT410

* Depending on the acquired version of the TPVA, the production can reach 100/200/300/400 units/minute maximum, for cartons which length is equal or lower than 80 mm. For longer cartons, maximum production may be affected.

Aware of the need to maximize space in the clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, the size of our machines is one of the main premises at the time of the design of our entire Pharma Line

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