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AP-C 400S
Aggregation Module
AP-C 400S | Onelite Pharma

   Brief Description

The equipment is designed to maximize the productivity in manual packing operations.

Aggregation Module AP-C 400S.

The equipment is designed to maximize the productivity in manual packing operations, allowing the aggregation of cases contained in boxes; either in one or more layers per box; as well as cases contained in packs. Allows you to perform the reading of all individual codes of each layer of the box quickly and easily. Also, print the label of the following logistic variable (box or pallet).

AP-C 400S Display
AP-C 400S Display
Its operation is based on placing the box or pack on the base of support with the codes printed up to capture the image that will be processed by the vision program; detecting the contents of each code automatically and performing the aggregation to the later stage.

It is characterized to be an equipment of very small dimensions. Has a reading surface of 400 mm x 300 mm. At the top has a high definition camera of German manufacturing that allows has an optimal reading of multiple 2D codes DataMatrix of each layer to aggregate. A square of high power leds illuminators collaborates to obtaining the high quality image.

The ONELITE vision system for the processing of productions orders allows by means of the network communication with the system print and check the aggregation only the serials that was inspected in the previous stage, automatically rejecting duplicate or non-compliant serials.

Facilities provided by the system:
  • Make drug inquiries during the process.
  • Give off units definitively.
  • Give off units for samples, indicating the destination of the same.
  • Unadd packages, boxes and pallets.
  • Give off packages, boxes and pallets definitely.

The base of support for boxes or packs is adjustable in high. It provides a comfortable position to charge the cases in the box. In addition to that, the panel control with a 15” touch screen ensures an ergonomic position for the operator.
Outstanding features

  • Counts with a high definition camera of German manufacturing for reading of multiple 2D codes DataMatrix.
  • Base of support of boxes/packs adjustable in high.
  • Ethernet port to network connection.
  • Panel PC All In One with 15” touch screen.
  • Scanner to manual read codes to add/unadd pallets.
  • Resistant structure and ergonomic design for work. Constructed in high hardness aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Computerized system on compliant with standards part 11 CFR 21 and GAMP 5.
AP-C 400S Cámara de Alta Definición
AP-C 400S High definition camera
AP-C 400S Tablero de Luces LED
AP-C 400S Tablero de Luces LED
AP-C 400S LED lights board
AP-C 400S Detail

APC-400 S - Top Layout

APC-400S - Front Layout

Technical data.

  • Dimensions



    Estimated productivity

    Installed power

    Inspection area


    Admisible labels (mm)

    Manual Scanner


  • 618 x 872 x 2253mm (length x width x heigh)

    100 Kg

    110/220V + T / 50/60Hz

    400 - 500 casses/hour*

    0,5 KVA

    400 mm x 300 mm (length x width)

    Zebra ZT-410

    25,4 - 114 (width) / Max Lenght 991

    Datalogic / Zebra

    IDS (German)

* The productivity depends to the work rhythm of the operator.

Aware of the need to maximize space in the clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, the size of our machines is one of the main premises at the time of the design of our entire Pharma Line

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