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Automatic Labelling Machine
AR-Basic | Onelite Pharma
AR-Basic | Onelite Pharma

   Brief Description

Automatic self adhesive labelling on secondary packaging

   In action

Allows the self adhesive labelling on secondary packaging (thermoshrinkable packaging or boxes).

This machine applies self-adhesive labels on packs of units grouped in boxes or in thermoshrinkable film.

It can incorporate a Thermal Transfer Printer to create bar codes, traceability data (e-pedigree) and variable information (lot, elaboration date, expiration date, etc.). As a security measure, a Code Reader or an Intelligent Vision System for reading and checking print data is installed.

The labeling head is mounted on a double-column vertical adjuster, moved by an adjusting wheel, in order to achieve the height needed for each different product pack.

The equipment PLC incorporates a 7” Touch Screen HMI to visualize information, operations, regulation parameters and alarms, as well as to create/recover stored programs of determined products.

This machine meets the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry given that it is operated by a programmable logic controller fulfilling all the requirements of the GAMP5 guidelines.

THERMAL TRANSFER PRINTER: A printer of high quality digital technology creates clear codes easy to read. This printer can be set to print automatically and in real time date and time. It has a full color touchscreen interface, where you can select a printing program or introduce specific data in the fields provided to this end.

BARCODE READER: A verification module in order to check codes in the labels, using a laser scanner or an optical sensor. If a code is unreadable or incorrect, this module detects it, the machine stops immediately, an alarm appears in the screen and a sound and light signal is activated.

Outstanding features

  • Quality control according to guidelines given by GAMP5 (ISPE) and 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA).
  • Minimum space requirements.
  • Appropriate Security Systems when the machine is operating, preserving the safety of the operator and the working environment.
  • A USB port for downloading the Event´s log and for updating the software.
  • Stepper motors in all moving parts, providing more precision in the operation.
AR-Basic Detail
Thermal transfer printer (Optional) of high quality digital technology, able to create clear and easy to read codes.
AR-Basic Detail
Barcode verification module is an optional to verify codes in the labels by mean of a laser reader or an optical sensor.
AR-Basic Detail
Labeling head. Height adjustment for the process of different product sizes.

AR-Basic Detail
PLC with 7´ touchscreen HMI offering a friendly management for the operator.
AR-Basic Detail
AR-Basic Detail

Technical Data

  • Dimensions



    Presión de Aire

    Nivel de ruido


    Potencia Instalada

    Admisible Packs (mm)

    Admisible Labels (mm)


  • 800 x 750 x 2375 mm (Length x width x height)

    350 Kg

    3 x 380v + T + N

    4 - 6 bar

    ≤ 80 dB(A)

    12 packs/min

    2 KVA

    Lenght: 100 - 240 ; Height: 50 - 200; Width: 80 - 200

    Lenght: 80 maximun liner - Width: 240

    TTO (Optional)

AR-Basic - Layout frontal

Aware of the need to maximize space in the clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, the size of our machines is one of the main premises at the time of the design of our entire Pharma Line

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