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Automatic labelling machine.
AR-BOX PLUS | Onelite Pharma
AR-BOX PLUS | Onelite Pharma
AR-BOX PLUS | Onelite Pharma

   Brief Description

Automatic Labelling machine to apply self-adhesive labels with a maximun output of 400 pcs/min.

   In action

The smaller labelling machine in the marketplace for Tamper Evident.

The AR-BOX PLUS is an Automatic linear labelling machine, designed to apply self-adhesive labels, seals or tamper evident for the inviolability of tuck flap cartons, on upper and/or bottom faces of closed boxes. It can reach a maximun output of 400 pcs/min what makes that the machine can fit to the industry with the required flexibility. The labelling machine offer the possibility to host up to 3 labelling heads with clear labels detectors and automatic recovery of missing label.

Simple and quick settings, only by two mechanical adjustments for the boxes´s width and height. Controlled by PLC with touch screen TFT color 7”, allows a friendly management with the operator, with icons for each setting. Login for each user level and complete record of events to meet standard CRF21 Part 11 of the FDA.

Memorized settings on different recipes for easy recall at the time of tagging the same product. Adjustable operating speed by a single parameter, while maintaining the synchronization of the entire machine.

It offered the possibility and space to add printers and data capturer of traceability information for integration with e-Pedigree and serialization systems.
Integration with Track and Trace system.
  • PLC control system with touchscreen 7” that makes the labelling machine easier to operate.
  • Mechanical adjustment in height and width, to quickly adapt to the different case sizes.
  • Separator packaging synchronized speed setting.
  • Quality Inspector labeling by vision sensors with a pneumatic ejector.
  • Quality labeling Inspector by sensors vision with pneumatic ejector.
  • Collection box with detector, ejected cases redundant.
  • Accountants discarded and accepted on the touch screen products.
Outstanding features

  • Storage of programs with mechanical and digital setting values, for a quick adaptation to the different case sizes.
  • Application of tamper-evident labels in cases with straight or reverse tuck flap.
  • Quality control following the guidelines of GAMP 5 (ISPE) and CFR 21 parte 11 (FDA).
  • Adjustment of operating speed with a single parameter, maintaining the synchronization of the entire machine.
  • Rejection of defective units assured by detection of entrance into the reject drawer.
  • Minimum spice required.
  • Appropriate safety for the operator and the working environment.
  • Generation, restoration and download of system backups.
  • Ethernet communication port.
  • USB port for software actualization and download of Even Log information.

AR-BOX Plus Detail
Stepper motors, granting more precision in the operation of the moving parts.
AR-BOX Plus Detail
Mechanical adjustment of height and width, for quick adaptation to the different case sizes.
AR-BOX Plus Detail
Expulsion system of rejected product with detection of entrance into the ejection drawer

Technical Data.

  • Dimensions



    Installed power

    Air Pressure

    Noise level


    Speed range

    Admissible cartons size (mm)

    Admissible labels (mm)

  • 1180 x 1063 x 1900 mm (length x width x height)

    360 Kg

    110/220V + T / 50/60Hz

    2 KVA

    6 bar (87 PSI)

    ≤ 80 dB(A)

    100 - 400 units/minute*

    10 – 40 meters/minute*

    Length: 30 - 120 (A) - Height: 15 - 85(H)- Width: 80 - 180 (B)

    Lenght: 25 – 50 - Width: 15 - 40

AR-BOX Plus Detail
PLC with a 7" touchscreen HMI, offering a friendly management for the operator

* The maximum production depends on the sizes of the case to be processed.

AR-BOX PLUS - Top Layout
Reduced in size.

AR-BOX PLUS - Side Layout
High performance .

Aware of the need to maximize space in the clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, the size of our machines is one of the main premises at the time of the design of our entire Pharma Line

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