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Labeling Machine with Serialization Module
AR-BOX EPC | Onelite Pharma
AR-BOX EPC + Feeder| Onelite Pharma

   Brief Description

Automatic labeling machine for tamper-evident application and individual serialization.

Labeling Machine with Serialization Module - AR-BOX EPC.

High-speed automatic linear labeling system designed to apply self-adhesive labels or tamper-evident seals for the inviolability of tuck flap cartons on upper and/or bottom faces of closed boxes.

The machine includes ONELITE Serialization Module to print & verify traceability information on cartons, assigning a different serial number for each unit. In addition, system inspection ensures proper human readable information allowing verification by the patients, under normal conditions of preservation of the product throughout its useful life.

ONELITE Serialization module
The system can process batches of different drugs creating univocal codes for each unit (random or sequential order), as recommended by GS1 standards. At the same time a database is created, saving traceability information, restricting access with user levels in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA).

The ONELITE serialization equipment incorporates InkJet thermal transfer printer, capable of printing alphanumeric digits as well as linear and 2D barcodes like GS1 DataMatrix mainly for pharmaceutical application.

The machine is equipped with an artificial vision system to perform verification of printed information, by quick capture of images, using lenses with vision tools for 2D and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) codes, and integrated lighting. It is also possible to carry out safety verification by crossing obtained data between human readable texts and 2D codes to ensure data integrity.

Mechanically, the equipment has a main double conveyor and an upper conveyor, both adjustable for a great variety of carton sizes, assuring a proper movement of the product, free of vibrations, in a wide range of speeds. At the output of the machine, a pneumatic ejection system removes any unlabeled or incorrectly printed carton to a rejection drawer, provided with by an input sensor.

The AR-BOX EPC requires minimal space for emplacement and installation, allowing easy operation thanks to a 15-inch touch screen, coordinating all the processes together (labeling, printing and verification, rejection and data storage).

Optionally the AR-BOX EPC can be constructed with an automatic feeder.

Feeder (optional)
LED 15" touchscreen panel, providing a friendly operation experience.
AR-BOX EPC Detalle
Inspection of labeling and printing quality with pneumatic ejector of defective units.
Serialization Equipment.
AR-BOX EPC Detalle
Packaging spacer with adjustable speed, in synchronism with the machine rate.
Manual Scanner.
Outstanding features

  • Complete coordination between printer, camera, labeling heads and ejection control.
  • Seals applying onto straight and reverse tuck end boxes.
  • Simple adjustment and setup (mechanical and digital parameters)
  • Quality control of computerized system according to guidelines given by GAMP5 (ISPE) and 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA).
  • Incorporation of units’ separator device or manual feeder, both with automatic speed adjustment.
  • Easy speed adjustment in continuous mode from the control panel.
  • Redundant-safety expulsion by product entering detection in the rejection drawer.
  • Generation/import of serial numbers for process in the equipment.
  • Visualization and downloading of detailed production reports.
  • Minimum space required.
  • Allows incorporation of a third labeling head for vignettes application.
  • Generation/restoration and download of system backups.
  • Integration with traceability systems.
  • Storage of mechanical and digitals setting for different products size.
  • Ethernet communication port.
  • USB port for software actualization or download of Even Log information.
  • Incorporated scanner for state queries and registration/deregistration of serials.
AR-BOX EPC - Front layout

AR-BOX EPC - Top layout

Technical Data.

  • Dimensions



    Installed power

    Air Pressure

    Noise level


    Speed range

    Admissible cartons size (mm)

    Admissible labels (mm)

    Printing area (height)



  • 1130 x 1065 x 1900 mm (length x width x height)

    480 Kg

    110/220V + T / 50/60Hz

    2 KVA

    6 bar

    ≤ 70 dB(A)

    100 - 400 units/minute*

    10 – 40 meters/minute*

    Length: 30 - 120 (A) - Height: 15 - 85(H)- Width: 80 - 180 (B)

    Lenght: 25 – 50 - Width: 15 - 40

    12,7 mm


    IDS (German Industry)

* The maximum production depends on the sizes of the case to be processed.

Aware of the need to maximize space in the clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, the size of our machines is one of the main premises at the time of the design of our entire Pharma Line

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