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Automatic Labelling Multiformat Machine

AR-MULTI | Onelite Pharma

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Automatic Labelling Multiformat Machine

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Automatic labelling machine MODEL AR-MULTI. Multiformat.

Automatic labelling multiformat machine suitable for applying self-adhesive labels on cylindrical, oval packs and flat faces, in addition to some conical cases. Equipped with 2 heads AR2-130/50 and separator packages by double band motorized stepper motors.

The packaging centering oval section with electronically synchronized approach allows us to ensure accuracies of + / - 1 mm. The sideband stepper motor smoothing labels on cylindrical containers while containers oval section and flat faces are smoothed by brushes. All engines are electronically synchronized with the main transporter which ensures excellent quality labeling at any speed.

The electronic controller incorporates a touch panel LCD COLOR 7 `with USB and Ethernet connectivity and complies with 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA).

The machine offered the possibility (from the same PLC panel) and space to add printers and data capturer of traceability information for integration with e-Pedigree and serialization systems. Optionally is the incorporation of labeling inspector through intelligent vision sensors

AR-MULTI - Top layout

AR-MULTI - Side layout

Aware of the need to maximize space in the clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, the size of our machines is one of the main premises at the time of the design of our entire Pharma Line