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Labeling machine for bottles or vials
LR-4000 | Onelite Pharma

   Brief Description

The LR-4000 is a completely automatic labeling machine suitable for coding and self-adhesive labeling of cylindrical bottles.

   In action

Labeling machine for bottles or vials - LR-4000.

The LR-4000 is a completely automatic labeling machine of self-adhesive labels for cylindrical bottles.

Thanks to the ONELITE software, centering the label and changing the format in this machine is made easily and with minimal regulations. It can incorporate up to 2 labeling heads with transparent label detectors and automatic missing-label recovery.

Controlled by a PLC with a 7” touch screen TFT color and with icons for each setting, the machine offers a friendly management for the operator. It has different available user account levels and a complete record of events to meet the standard 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA). The machine has also a USB port for downloading the Event´s log and for updating the software.

The settings for the different products can be easily saved by creating a program, which can be recalled at the time of tagging the same product again. Through the bottle separator parameter, it is possible to modify the operating speed, maintaining the synchronism of the entire machine.

In addition the equipment features a pneumatic ejection system (piston mechanism), which is capable of removing from the line any bottle with defective codes or faulty labels to the reject box, where its entrance is detected by the input sensor.

Besides the LR-4000 requires minimum setup and maintenance.

Outstanding Features

  • Minimum space required.
  • Speed adjustment allowing simple and fast variation on the production capacity according to the custom requirements.
  • Appropriate Security Systems when the machine is operating, preserving the safety of the operator and the working environment.
  • Rejection of products with defective label and detection their entrance into the reject box.
  • Quality control by computerized system according to guidelines given by GAMP5 (ISPE) and 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA).

Optionals to be incorporate

For integration with e-Pedigree and serialization systems, the LR-4000 can be complemented with printers and data capture systems for traceability information, as the Codification and verification ONELITE system.

The encoding process is performed with the interaction between labeling and vision equipment where the information on the label to be dispensed it is checked before the product is labeled.

The artificial vision system ONELITE checks if the information printed on the label is correct and if it corresponds to the given product.

When the equipment is provided with Codification and verification system, it can work in different operating modes according to the custom requirements.

  • Conveyor. The machine work only as conveyor of products.
  • Labeling, without codification and without label verification.
  • Labeling, with codification but without label verification.
  • Labeling with codification and label verification.

This system allows you to make codification, serialization, printing, and verification for trazabilidad information providing an integral solution to the actuals pharmaceutical industry requirements.

It includes a thermal transference printer TTO or TIJ printer for 2D datamatrix and humanly readable text. According to the GS1 recommendations.
Bottles separator with speed adjustment depending on required production pace.
Expulsion system of rejected products and detection of entrance into the reject box.

Simple and fast mechanical regulations to different product dimensions.
Stepper motors for all in-moving parts, providing more precision in the operation.

Inspection system to verify the label and printed information
The high quality of equipment, such as the standardization of electrical and mechanical elements, translates into a minimum maintenance with a maximum operational safety, reducing the stock of spare parts that are also easily available in the market.

LR-4000 - Front Layout
Reduced size.

LR-4000 - Top Layout
High performance.

Technical data.

  • Dimensions



    Compressed Air

    Noise level

    Production Capacity

    Speed Range

    Installed Power

    Bottle size range (mm)

    Admissible label (mm)



  • 1970 x 765 x 2300 mm (Lenght x width x height)

    385 Kg

    220V + T /60Hz

    6 bar

    ≤ 80 dB(A)

    4.000 bottles/hour*

    8 meters/min (fix)*

    2 KVA

    Diameter: 22 - 70 - Heigh: 65 - 160

    Height: 15 – 230 - Width: 20 - 75

    TIJ or TTO (Optional for codification)

    IDS (German Industry) (Optional for codification)

* Depending on the bottle diameter. For the minimal allowable diameter 9.000 bottles /minute can be reached
and for the maximal allowable diameter 4.000 bottles/minute can be reached.

Aware of the need to maximize space in the clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, the size of our machines is one of the main premises at the time of the design of our entire Pharma Line